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We suggest getting Smos together with our self-management coaching sessions.


Remove stress

The most important aspect of getting more work done is doing it without stress. Smos is designed with the focus on removing stress. In the self-management coaching you are taught that your brain is for having ideas, not for holding them. To make sure no brilliant ideas of yours get lost you ought to use an exocortex, a brain outside of your brain. Smos is that exocortex.

Get more work done

Smos' main goal is not to help you get more work done, but it happens inevitably when you reduce stress and stop missing things. It is designed and optimized for power users. That means speed is one of the most important factors, which specifically means it is keyboard only and automatable. Moreover, Smos follows the self-management theory. That means that it has built-in support for all standard reports and workflows.

coding experience

No coding experience needed

Because of its optimization for speed, Smos uses a terminal user interface. Do not let that scare you, you get used to it quickly. If you buy the self-management coaching you get detailed instructions of Smos' features if desired (installation, commands, reasoning, automation). We have also published the documentation of Smos as well as a browser version of Smos and a cheat sheet with the most important commands, which should help to speed up the learning process.

Psychological bliss

Smos is centered around the idea of combining all psychological healthy ways of working so you know exactly what it is that you need to do. Just to name a few: the feeling of satisfaction when you have finished a task, being able to avoid procrastination by knowing exactly what your next small action is, and having a smart overview of all your projects.

psychological bliss


One of the biggest flaws of almost any other system is its reliablity. It is important for a system to be 100% reliable – no less – because only then can you trust that what you need to do gets done, without procrastination, in time, and with the appropriate amount of attention. This is that system. Moreover, Smos is able to incorporate other tools, such as tickler and intray to satisfy even the most meticulous power users.

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